Sean Lynch began his jiu-jitsu journey under Professor Eduardo ‘Veio’ de Lima. Professor Eduardo is a 6th degree black belt and one of the pioneers of the famed Gracie Barra team. Sean was involved in different martial arts for many years before meeting Professor Eduardo when he arrived in the United States in 1999. Sean immediately fell in love with the effectiveness of Brazilian jiu-jitsu and became one of Eduardo’s early students.

In 2006 while Sean was still a purple belt, Eduardo asked him to begin teaching a jiu-jitsu program together to help spread BJJ to St. Petersburg. This program grew into opening an independent location in 2013 and the St Pete Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu academy was born.

Sean is an avid traveler, at one point spending 18 months on an around the world journey. Traveling gave him the opportunity to train in Brazil, New Zealand, Thailand, and many other places. He found jiu-jitsu to be the connection to new friendships all over the globe and the diversity and welcoming environment of the academy reflects this experience.

Sean is a certified instructor, having received his black belt in December of 2009, and was awarded his 2nd degree in April 2016

Rodrigo “Manilha” Guimaraes hails from Recife, Brazil, and has been training Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu for the last ten years. He is a black belt under Eduardo de Lima. A lifelong fan of the martial arts, Rodrigo trains BJJ to have fun, stay in shape, and relieve stress.

Brian Travis is a black belt under AJ Agazarm and has been training jiu-jitsu since the age of 7. Growing up he also competed in wrestling and did so through college. He was a multiple time Florida state place winner and was a 2 time NCAA division 3 national qualifier. After college, he competed heavily in jiu-jitsu and has competed in all of the major IBJJF championships. Nowadays he enjoys training to stay in shape and for the social aspects and camaraderie.

A former member of Marine RECON, Shane Dunn has been training BJJ since the early 90s, when he met Sergio Monteiro, a second degree black belt under Murilo Bustamante. Though his early training focused on the gi, Shane began to adopt his style to no-gi in the late 90s in order to compete in MMA during its formative years. Since then, Shane has also been a submission grappling competitor and a coach to a number of successful MMA fighters. Shane’s expertise is a welcome addition to our no-gi program at St. Pete BJJ!

Ian Crider is a Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu  brown belt under Sean Lynch, and has also trained in no-gi submission grappling under Shane Dunn and AJ Comparetto.  Ian began his BJJ journey in January of 2012 as a New Year’s resolution and has been obsessed ever since.

Prentice Gerald “Jerry” Outlaw Jr. is a Brazilian Jiu Jitsu brown belt under Sean Lynch.  Jerry began training submission wrestling in 1996 under Andy Glenn and trained until 1998. He also trained Okinawan karate under Danita Clarke for 3 years.  Music and travel took him in many directions all over the globe and eventually he found Gracie Barra in St Petersburg and began training Brazilian Jiu Jitsu under Sean Lynch in early 2014.  Jerry trains for the love of martial arts, good physical/emotional health and to share the wonderful art of Jiu Jitsu.

Danny Watson first started training brazilian jiu jitsu in 2007 under UFC champion Matt Serra, After moving to Florida in 2016 he joined St. Pete BJJ. Danny enjoys training both Nogi and in the gi. In addition he is a certified strength coach and also holds several state records in powerlifting.

Neldo “JR” Angeles is a BJJ Brown Belt Training BJJ since 2017 and 3rd Degree Black Belt in Judo, training Judo since 2005. He is the 2008 Novice National Judo Champion, a Certified National Level Judo Referee, and a Certified National Level Judo Coach. BJJ gives me the opportunity to exercise not only my body, but also my soul and mind. It gives me the confidence and self esteem to fearlessly tackle any challenge in life. It has also given me the opportunity to meet and make friends with some of the most interesting people that I have ever met.